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CAtCh up with sB

catch up with sb 赶上了某人。For example:They started several minutes ago,we have to be hurry so that we might catch up with them.

catch up with sb表示赶上某人 catch sb 是捉住某人

不懂也可以回答啊,不行,因为动(词)副(词)结构,代词要放中间 补充:sb本来就是代词啊,代替某一个真实的人

catch up with 是一个词组,这个句子的主语是i ,谓语是have caught up with ,宾语是him.

catch up with 是一个词组,这个句子的主语是i ,谓语是have caught up with ,宾语是him.

upput 推迟做某事 put sth. offup打扫干净clean up sth.建立build up想出(sb.) come up with sth.张贴put sth. up使振奋cheer sb. upcatch 感冒catch a ...

catch up with sb. come up with sb overtake sb.

13...touch sb. on the raw ...触到某人的痛处14.it is not uncommon...65. 跟上…的最新发展 keep pace with / catch up with/ keep abreast with...

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